Keeping Austin Clean And Green

COVID-19 Sanitation

With confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) rising daily, our customers are taking a closer look at not just cleaning, but sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces to keep their patrons safe. The CDC has put out guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. At 360 Power Washing we have been following these guidelines for years to keep Austin and Central Texas #360clean. We have been working several nights a week cleaning, and sanitizing shopping carts for our grocery and retail store clients. It is our goal to help keep Austin and Central Texas #360Clean through shopping cart sanitization.

Spanish Oaks

Had a call from a homeowner in the beautiful gated community of Spanish Oaks. They were looking for a house wash. After looking at their home, I realized it had been years with no cleaning. They accepted the soft wash of their home, gutter cleaning, exterior window cleaning and pressure washing of their back patio/pool area. Once the homeowner saw the work, he promptly asked me to clean the driveway and roof. We did have to come back to power wash the driveway and soft wash the roof, but it sure made a huge difference.

Commercial Cleaning

One of our commercial power washing clients is a Chick-fil-A. Cold and wet kept us from pressure washing this drive thru at night this past week. We were able to take our heat unit down there and properly power wash those grease stains and tire marks away in the drive thru. Power washing the back dock sure made it look like new. After completing the dumpster pad area, you couldn't even tell someone spilled grease there since we last cleaned.

Kyle, Texas House Wash

What a beautiful day today for a house wash. We were out in the Plum Creek subdivision in Kyle and soft washed the roof and house. Utilizing the soft wash system eliminates the damage that higher pressure washing can cause.Driveway was power washed along with their sidewalks, walkways, and patio. No more dark stains on their roof and all of the algae was removed from their home.